Cryptoxygen digital platform is the first in the history of crypto industry
to be directly integrated in notebooks of Thomson Computing.

The most secured cryptocurrency exchange!

We care about your coins! We use the latest and the most
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why to chose Cryptoxygen ?

Cryptoxygen is a fully licensed cryptocurrency exchange platform with a wide pallet of services and multiple coins.


Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies

More than 20 most trading cryptocurrency pairs. We are constantly adding new coins of successful and promising projects.

Fiat to crypto trading with debit/credit card.

Get your cryptocurrency instantly just by using your debit/credit cards.

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Our platform is available in several languages.
We have international spirit!

Cold wallet

More than 95% of our platform assets are stored in the cold wallet.


We offer a wide range of membership within fees structure. Learn More

Online Academy School

Cryptoxygen Online Academy allows to our customers to access online courses. Learn More


We are a licensed and fully regulated company under European Union compliance rules. Learn More

Fiat to Crypto

EUR and USD fiat is available to trade cryptocurrencies.

Low commission

Trade with OXY2 tokens and get up to 30% discount on your commission fees. Learn More

High speed transactions

Our platform support more than 10 millions of transactions per second, making our platform one of the quickest one on the market.









General Security

Cryptoxygen utilizes a stack of the latest technological advancements and tools available to maintain its source code and applications, including both web and server.

Server Isolation & Access

Cryptoxygen servers are isolated, and each one can be accessed only through a set of complex rules unique to our private network.

Secret Vault

Cryptoxygen uses one of a kind secret vault that's been built from scratch to store sensitive information on our system.

Multi-sig wallets

We use Multi-sig wallets that require more than one key to authorize a digital transaction. This ensures the responsibility of transactions are delegated to make sure all transactions are legitimate.

System Wallets

Cryptoxygen uses 3 different advanced wallet technologies to keep assets and transactions safe: Cold Wallet: Cold storage wallets are kept offline in a secure safety deposit box that is only retrievable only if the two founders are present at the same time.

Two way authentication factor

Two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA or two-step verification, is an extra feature designed to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account and digital wallets on Cryptoxygen.

Suspicious activity Logger

Cryptoxygen logs all activity of it's users. Any suspicious account activity will immediately put the account on hold for administration review and verification.

DDOS Protection

Cryptoxygen uses a top standard CDN to distribute its content to prevent DiDoS attacks that are gaining traction amongst hackers to disable an exchange and interfere with its activity.

256 bit SSL

We use an end-to-end 256-bit SSL encryption to make sure all communications originating from the web browser and relayed to our servers are cryptographically secure and can't be deciphered.


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Cryptoxygen is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with complete solution and multiple cryptocurrencies available to trade.,